The Virgin Prince: To all those people who constantly point out that "real Vikings didn't have horns on their helmets": →


Everyone knows and no one cares.

Most of them didn’t even have metal helmets because they were too expensive. Most of them didn’t have swords, either. And they weren’t warrior badasses, they were pirates and hooligans who looted coastal villages at night and then ran away before an army could get…


4 December 2012 ♥ 22
So. Yeah.

You’re beautiful. Just putting that out there

28 October 2012


Teemo, I Love You

Dude, that was the most cute thing I’ve ever seen :’3

20 October 2012 ♥ 16
I Don't Even.: How do I boomkin now….? O_OI’m missing buttons and... →


How do I boomkin now….? O_O

I’m missing buttons and dflgjbdjkgbkzgbdg

This is why hunters are superior. Life is simple for a hunter. *sagenod* (What? I just pay more attention to them? Pffffft no where’d you get that idea?)

But seriously, took care of my 6 hunters, and I’m just staring at my…

Same, lots of buttons lost in my warriors

29 August 2012 ♥ 5
Reblog if no one has a crush on you.


forever reblog \m/

29 August 2012 ♥ 366400


i dont think ill ever get over the fact that ill never know what its like to have a boner

8 August 2012 ♥ 108920
me cago

mierda tenia mucho tiempo que no me sentia asi

que pedo

me cago en dios


no mames era necesario

sus chingaderas

no mames


5 August 2012
You can never go wrong with Judas Priest. 2 August 2012 ♥ 88
shaman of sexy - oyvindluvah96: pls stop calling WoW a violent game →


pls stop

it’s a game with nearly no blood(i have never seen it personally)

just because your character makes shooting/stabbing/hitting motions towards an enemy without it actually looking like it’s going through them does not mean it is the most violent game ever

it is not extremely violent

2 August 2012 ♥ 6
You can never go wrong with Judas Priest. 29 July 2012 ♥ 88
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